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In Development

The Bearded Girl

The Bearded Girl

Since the age of seven, when her first follicle painfully pierced her chin, Belinda has been groomed to take the place of her mother as the Bearded Woman in her family's travelling freak show. She has never been happy with her beard, and on her 18th birthday she defiantly shaves it off and runs away from home in hopes of becoming a normal girl.

Writer & Director: Jody Wilson

Producers: Amber Ripley, Jody Wilson


Once Our Land

A Past-Apocalyptic tale of friendship and survival based on the graphic novel by Peter Ricq.

An animated feature set in 1830’s Germany, “Once Our Land” follows Ingrid as the resourceful girl wise-beyond-her-years scavenges for supplies and is forced to compete with a handful of other human survivors while terrifying beasts prowl the streets of her once beautiful city.

Part light survival horror, part action, with strong heart and a healthy dose of levity-bringing humor, Once Our Land tells a touching tale of trust and friendship set against the backdrop of soul crushing horror.

Writer: Phil Ivanusic-Vallee

Director: Peter Ricq

Producer: Amber Ripley

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Bad Seeds

Kate Parker, a young widow still clinging to the past, teams up with five misfit women from her grief-support group to steal her dead husband’s last remaining sperm sample from a corrupt cryobank executive determined to stop Kate from pulling off the most daring and hilarious frozen-sperm heist in history. BAD SEEDS is a fun, edgy, heist comedy about grieving and loving and letting go of the things that keep us frozen in place.

Writer: Jason Filiatrault

Director: Jason James

Producers: Amber Ripley, Jason James